Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday workout catch up

Ah, Saturday. Day of catch up, but not ketchup, because ketchup is gross...and mostly refined sugar, and refined sugar is bad.

Started off the morning catching up on the Friday squats I skipped. I don't like missing a workout, especially since I only concentrate on one type of body weight movement/exercise a day. 3 sets of 40 shoulder stand squats.

Later in the day I saw to my pushups, 3 sets of 50 wall pushups.

I was recently asked what a vertical pull was. Short answer is that they're the first level of progression in the pullup series of body weight exercises. I'll just give a brief overview here as a more detailed description is planned for the near future. The person that asked thought that I was doing something close to a full pullup and couldn't believe I was doing 3 sets of 40. The vertical in this case isn't the way I'm moving, it's my body position, standing straight up. The pull movement is horizontal. I usually hold onto either side of a door frame (although a pole or something similar work fine as well) with my toes against the frame, lean back to arms length, then pull myself, nose to the frame for 1 vertical pull. Lather, rinse, repeat as required.