Friday, January 13, 2012

Spar at your own risk

Friday night, kung-fu and squats. Actually didn't do the squats as kung-fu was enough for the evening since I haven't really been in the last few weeks too much. I really have to get there more often. Got a nice general workout in during class, worked on some forms and bo training with some lower belts, and then we did some sparring.
Sparring is normally pretty injury free in our group, occasional bump or bruise, usually involving myself on the receiving end, but  tonight seemed to be a whole different beast. Actually it's not as bad as I make it sound. Green belt got bopped in the nose a couple times, slight bloody nose, yellow belt took a kick to the family jewels (I think both these hits were by the same guy), and I lost a tooth. Now I know that sounds extreme, but let me explain, I have a dental implant, and the crown came off the post it was glued to. The kind of sad thing about the way my tooth came out is that I didn't even get hit, I was working the offensive side of the sparring. When the round was over and I took my mouth guard out, my tooth stayed in the mouth guard, sucked it right out of my mouth!
So now I look a little funny...or funner than usual for the jokers out there, I just have this little white post where my tooth should be. I have to wait until Monday to get a hold of the dentist to get the crown reattached to the post. That being said, there will be no pictures or videos of me shot for the purpose of the site this weekend. I can however add in this video of me from nearly a year ago doing some bo sparring.

I'm the yellow belt in this one. I hope that can hold you over until I can get my face repaired and new stuff online. Enjoy!