Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kung-fu: the workout continues

I actually made it to kung-fu on Friday. Very, very small class. We seem to have a dwindling membership lately. A lot of the adults are having work conflicts with the scheduled time, including myself. That and my stupid food intolerance.

Jump rope: 200 skips (at a medium pace)
Short bridges: 3 sets of 20 (it's been a while since I've done this movement, and my body is already not impressed with itself the last couple weeks)
Wall headstand: 2 sets of 2 minutes each
Crow stand: 1 set at 20 seconds, 1 set at 40 seconds (doing pretty good considering last week I could hardly hold 3 seconds)

All this and more can be yours for 3 easy payments of $49.95!
I mean, those were the main exercises that I keep track of. Also ran through some kicking drills, forms practice, the usual animal movements, and lots of standard pushups that I never track.