Sunday, April 29, 2012

You do pushups?

Rocking the trifecta holds everyday the last few days, really makes a difference in the lower back area. Although I'm not sure if it's helping the gut area.

I got the pushups out of the way early yesterday, and my son decided he was going to help me by sitting in the chair I was using for incline pushups.

Incline pushups: 3 sets of 35 (steady increase, awesome)
Short bridge hold: 20 seconds
Bent leg hold: 20 seconds
Straight leg twist hold: 20 seconds per side

I could possibly hit the progression standard of 3 sets of 40 next week, although I think I'll keep at this level for the next few, "put some strength in the bank" as they say. I'll continue this week at this level of the trifecta, probably progress to the next level of all three holds next week.