Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kung-fu, the workout continues

A lovely workout as always at NINRU kung-fu last night. Started the night out with some jogging with a push broom to sweep up the gym, then on to jump rope for 100 jumps. The class officially began after that with half an hour of P90X X-Stretch, then on to drills and more of a workout.

Running forwards and backwards across the gym
Several sets of pushups (20, 20, 33, 10, 18 reps are all that I can recall)
Situps for 1 set of 20
Tricep dips on a chair for 1 set of 20
Kicking drills, knee kicks, stomach kicks, throat kicks, both legs
Drop and drag
The ever popular pegs

This morning I got in a quick 5 rep set of pullups and 20 rep set of pushups. I really need to get my pushup numbers up to complete the requirements for my red belt.