Friday, June 15, 2012

CPTN Certification: class 5

- Resistance training techniques
- Weight resistance training in fitness centre

Got there early and got the notes from the previous class from the instructor. Mostly lots of high speed highlighting. Once the class started we went through the resistance training techniques chapter very quickly, then headed over the gym in the rec centre.

I must say, once we got into the gym I felt kind of old. I'm the oldest one in my class by about 10 years, and walking into a campus gym full of college students working out made me feel all the older. Also the odd thing that I was the only one not wearing ankle socks....I'm not sure what to think about that.

Anyway, the instructor went through several free weight and weight machine exercises. Then we broke up into pairs or groups of three and trained each other on how to do everything. I honestly haven't set foot in a gym in at least seven years, and I'm pretty much body weight exercise only, so I was doing less training and more learning from my partner. The practical exam is going to take a lot of studying for me to get all these exercises down pat.