Saturday, July 28, 2012

Myth: If You Don't Exercise When You're Young, It's Dangerous When You Get Older

It's never too late to start a workout regimen and improve your overall health, you just have to be cautious and aware of how you go about it. A 2009 study of over 1800 seniors by the Hebrew University Medical Center and Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (and subsequently used as a reference base for additional research also available at that link) concluded that seniors who exercised, or even started to exercise, late in life were likely to live longer than those who didn't, and live out their last years healthier than their counterparts who avoided exercise.

CSPI tackled this myth as well, and this article at WebMD is full of myths about exercise and older adults, for anyone who's worried they may be doing their health more harm than good by exercising in middle-to-old age. The key is to find a workout that's at the right impact level for your age and condition, and as I've said before, the health benefits, in areas like memory, anxiety and depression, and even arthritis or joint pain make themselves apparent almost immediately.