Monday, August 13, 2012

Pushups: Fun for the whole family!

I was wiped out from work on Friday...not sure what happened on Saturday, but I got caught up for the week yesterday! Squats (scheduled for Friday) were completed, 3 sets of 40 jackknife squats, which meets progression level standard so I'll be on to supported squats next Friday.

Apparently I've been so slack about the pushups that I've lost some of my rep count. Last logging of incline pushups was 3 sets of 35, which if I recall correctly was really pushing it. I backed off to 3 sets of 25 incline pushups, but should quickly regain reps to the point of where I was prior...I think. I might take it a bit slower this time as I was increasing by 5 reps per set a week last time.

My wife is still on board completing 3 sets of 10 wall pushups, and 3 sets of 10 jackknife squats. We even got our youngest daughter on board who hammered out 3 sets of 20 wall pushups and 3 sets of 10 chair situps (to the amazement of my wife). Now if we could only get my son on board...