Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sickness and Homeopathy: part 2

The weekend following my initial consultation I started taking half a dose of probiotics. The homeopath had warned me that it would take a few days for my body to get used to them, and that I would probably be cursing her. Well, I was just short of cursing her for three or four days. I won't get into gory details, but I missed two days of work right off the bat. In fact I barely made it in on Wednesday, which is when I had to go back to the homeopath to pick up my remedy. Fun day.

The remedy itself comes in a tiny little jar. It looks like little plastics pellets. I was given two doses, but I was only to take one, which I did before bed Wednesday night. No eating 20 minutes before and after taking it. No touching with your fingers, just tap them into the cap and dump them under your tongue to dissolve. Easier said than done, but I eventually managed. Now, I apparently must stay away from menthol, and camphor, as they are the antidote. Do I really want to take something that has an antidote? I figure I don't have many other options, so why not! I slept the deep sleep of sleepy deep sleepiness, wrapped in a cloud of snooze on a bed made of slumber. Slept like a rock.

Thursday, wake up, very groggy, don't want to get out of bed. Feeling ok, but groggy. Stomach feels good though. The day was interesting as my head stayed in a hazy fog all day while the skin on my back and shoulders crawled back and forth across my torso. A little unpleasant, but not overwhelming.

It hasn't been too bad since then. My guts have seemed to settle quite a bit, which is very nice. I have been experiencing some odd dreams, mostly with a lot of singing, and increased sensory sensitivity. I can't handle a lot of loud noise all at once, and scents are incredibly strong. Most artificial scents are like having a hot poker shoved up each nostril. Eyes are slightly more light sensitive, but they already were sensitive so nothing to different there. My hands don't like to be touched as the skin on the back of my hands has been a little crawly for days. The rest of my skin is mostly back to normal except for a bit of sensitivity to...well...everything. Clothing annoys me, but not to the point that I can't tolerate it.

The above is just my observations. I am feeling a lot better, and hopefully I continue to get even better. Also hoping that when I go to the full dose of probiotics there's a lot less reaction than when I started the half dose. So far homeopathy appears to be curing what conventional medicine can't even find, or even acknowledge.