Monday, September 24, 2012

Competitive family? And video!

I've mentioned before that my wife and daughter have got in on the daily workouts. My daughter especially is on board, asking daily what the family exercise is for the day. She's moving along quickly as well. I've been working her through the first progression level of the big six bodyweight exercises, and she's actually gotten to level two of the handstand pushups, easily passing level one with almost three minutes in a wall headstand. She'll easily be the strongest kid in school very quickly at this rate.
My wife has backed off a bit, going back to school takes precedence here, so schoolwork must be done first for now.
I've been working hard, but on and off. I passed level 1.5 for pullups (45 degree pulls) with three sets of 30, so I'm on to horizontal pulls now.

In other news, I've entered the Primal Video Recipe Contest at Mark's Daily Apple. Part of the 2012 Primal 21-day Challenge. The prizes look delicious, so wish me luck! Here's the video is you're curious. It's my first public YouTube video. Yes, I know it could probably use some work.