Saturday, March 16, 2013

Restart: Sickness and setbacks

It's a vicious cycle. I need to exercise to help me feel better, but what happens when you feel so crappy you can't exercise? I've been sick quite often the last few months, not all of it the usual food related issues though, I've had the flu, a couple short colds, and some stomach bug at one point. Once I get sick though, I don't want to exercise, then I feel like more crap, and don't want to exercise even more...vicious cycle.

I have been back at it the last month or so, when I can. The delays usually end up on days I have legs, core, or back scheduled. Who wants to do squats or core work when their guts have been rebelling against them all day? Not fun I tell you.

So I've opted for a restart...yes, I can do that...cause I said so. I've started back at step one basics of the exercises. Not necessarily starting right at the bottom of step one, but I'll be at least doing them for a couple weeks...actually I already started before this post, but that's ok. I'll be updating my goals page with my current progress. I've modified my workout schedule as well. I'm not longer following the "on this day of the week I do this workout". I'm still doing the workouts in the same order, but if I miss a day because I feel like craptastic crapzilla I'll just pick up where I left off the next day that I'm able.

On the craptastic crapzilla topic, I've also started on some new meds to help reduce the sensitivity of my intestines, hopefully help me feel a little better.

This evening was short bridges, 3 sets of 36, which were especially needed due to some back pain over the last month. When one is tired all the time, one tends to slouch...hence the pain in the back. A little bit of the trifecta stretching (25 seconds each hold) to help loosen the back up afterwards. I'm going to be stiff tomorrow, but overall I feel better for having done them.