Thursday, May 16, 2013

Always some resistance

There's always something, isn't there? Something that pushes you away from exercising, eating right, and healthy living in general. I used to be a little strapped for time because my wife was in school. For the last three years we've made our life fit around her school schedule, and I think we did pretty well with it all. There were several times when schedules conflicted, and it was easier to grab some fast food for the wife and kids to get supper over and done with, but not too often.

Now that my wife is done school for the time being (and graduated with awards and honours) I figured I'd have a little more time and energy to concentrate on workouts and such. I wasn't completely wrong, but life has a way of creating resistance. This time, we're a residential kind of way, not an exercise kind of way. So the packing commences, and side projects get pushed more to the side. Kind of sucks.

I have been able to keep up somewhat over the last week, and my daughter has jumped back into the fray now that we have a Family Exercise tracking sheet stuck to the side of the refrigerator.

Here's what I've been keeping at this week. I've reduced some of my rep due to allergy season and lack of breathing. I can't take allergy meds due to my food intolerances.

3 sets of 30 45 degree pulls
1 set of 20 fingertip wall pushups
3 sets of 20 short bridges
3 sets of wall handstands for 90 secs/106 secs/120 secs (I finally broke the 2 minute mark!)
3 sets of 21 incline pushups
3 sets of 20 knee tucks